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MCEC 010 - Aaron Carl - 21 Positions
MCEC 011 - DJ Nasty - Booby Trap

Aaron Carl - 21 Positions. Debut for the omni-talented artist on MCEC. This EP is billed as his debut 'ghettotech' EP as well, although his tunes have been finding their way into ghetto sets for years. A-Side is devoted to 3 mixes of the title track '21 positions', a Clean, Dirty, and Instrumental version. This track is off the hook.. especialy the dirty version, fucking hilarious! Dance Mania style drums and deep bass keep the track moving, but really the vocals are the focus here.

B-side brings a slightly different take, with three electro / ghetto / house style tracks that continue on from some of Aarons tracks on his "E:\ectro-bytes.exe v2.1" Ep on Afrosyntrix. 'Southside 734' opens with tough drums and a cool synth sound, and builds into a clubby electro groove. 'For The Money' continues in the same vein, throwing in a cool "in it for the money" filtered vocal and echoed chords going deeper than the fitst track. Finaly, 'Gold Diggers Theme' hits us with more cool and deep Detroit ghetto electro with a more upfront "what you want? how much you got?" vocal and whispered "you don't no cash, you dont get no ass". Again cool chord sounds and tough drums, this track could be my favourite on this 12"! Aaron has done it again with this release, classic.

DJ Nasty - Booby trap. great title from "Detroits Filthiest" here. A1 'King of kings' kicks off this 12 with a high energy instrumental, sharp and punchy drums and a filtered chord feature in this straight-to-the-point banger. 'Clap Yo Hands' moves into familiar DJ Nast territory, with a BIG kick drum 'kicking' things along, nice reverse 808 bass, and the "Clap Yo hands" vocal hook interjected with the "Eastside" "Westside" "Deee-troit" "313" party time on here! The instrumental brings the reverse 808 bass into it's own, it screams DOUBLES!

B-side, and "Never ending Boom" goes straight into fast 808 bass driving along the chants "Rock that ass, work your body", with a chord coming in later to spice things up. Second and third up, 'Cass Quarters' and 'Cass Quarters 2' brings us a tight pair of instrumentals evoking those late nite walks home thru dodgy neighbourhoods. The wah-wah spooky funk guitar on the 'Cass Quarters 2' makes it my favourite of the two, and possably my fave track on the EP... All in all, another strong release from DJ Nasty on his own MCEC label.


DJ Clent - Back Up off me - Juke trax 1
DJ Spinnin & DJ Rashad - Girl bust down - Juke Trax 2

Well here we go, kicking off a new label Juke Trax, we have two releases here in very much a Chicago style!

DJ Clent launches the label with a clasic cut of his, 'Back Up Off Me', an upfront track with stripped down drums and a hard sounding percussion sample. The track goes into hyper mode a couple of minutes in (probably when most ghetto DJ's have mixed out of it). Track 2 on the A side is the clean version, with just the rap at the top reversed over the naughty words.

Next up is DJ Spinnin & DJ Rashad - "Girl bust down". First track is 'Halloween', a seasonaly relevant track! And this one is a hit. Straight claps take us thru the various tune and bass changes on this atmospheric instrumental, definitely a catchy tune! Second track is the title 'Girl Bust Down', gets straight into the catchy vocal and classic Chi tom sound. The track goes a few vocal variations untill about 2 minutes in when a killer heavy bass kicks in and drives things on. B-sice first track and we have more of the classic Chi formula, ghetto vocals (bend that thing on over girl, let me see what that booty do), claps and toms add up to a minimal and bouncing track. 'Like It Hot' gives us an intense remix of Nehpets "Drop it Like it's Hot" track.


DET Only 4
DET Only 5

DJ Starski and DJ Godfather hit us with two "D.E.T. Only" releases at the same time, giving us a set of minimal ghetto tracks that have a different feel about them. Very up-front, these tracks are no doubt turntable fodder for ghetto battles to come...

'D.E.T. Only 4' starts off with "Tek" on the A side. A nice chilled out synth tune with driving 4onthefloor kick on and subtle toms. This track will cool off the dancers, give them a rest before the next full on track in your set. First track on the B side is "Freak", with a vocal sample, electro chirp and nice solid kik n' snare, this shit is going to be fun to double! B2 is "Dum", solid sounding drums and bright gated clap/snare, back to 4onthefloor kick. Nice wobble sound going on, but I am not really feeling the vocal on this one, and would have preferred an instrumental.

Onto 'D.E.T. Only 5' A side is "Let's Go". Simple track with a quite 'ambient' piano sample, straight 4onthefloor drums and a 'Whuuuut, lets go, lets go" vocal sample. I find the piano a bit too bare, and the 'Whuuut' vocal hook isn't doing it for me on this track. B side we have "Get Down" which has much more potential, a good, to the point, vocal and a driving electro feel with a great sounding muted synth bass. The vocal is kept to a minimum, and the percussion varies - which feels good to me, keeps it fresh. The other track on the B side is "City of Boom". Fuckin great track of driving electro ghetto, but I find the vocal annoying and it kinda spoils it for me.

Having doubles of both these records is going to give you loads of fun mixing, since they are really stripped-down tracks. Different people will like different tracks, but for me a couple are spoilt by the vocal samples, I would have preferred to hear just an instrumental of these two tracks. The killer tunes for me on these releases are definitely"Tek" and "Get Down", these are both tunes you will really want to have in your box.

Cut at NSC, these records are nice and loud, with just a hint of the Detroit grunge that adds to the raw flavour!



Non-Stop DJ's - "Furious EP" - NSD-002

OK here we come with a much anticipated release - the Non-Stop D.J.'s "Furious EP". This London duo have been building the pressure with their one hundred track mix CD (they somehow mashed together) late last year. This first outing on vinyl is a real proper shot at establishing their identity as producers as well as DJ's.

First track "Furious" is chunky, fast but chilled electro ghetto music. Nice production on the mad rolling muted bass line, hard-but-funky kick drum pattern and tight snare. Strings and an ambient samples keep the interest throughout the track. The "Raw Fury Dub" drops the vocal and makes a up-front but laid-back version for scratching or mixing over. "Hydraulic Pimp" is the last track on the A side. Smooth grooving track with latin percussion, clav keys, hollow bass line, and soulful drums.

B side first track "Hoes And Discos" is party time, electro sampling drums, then a D&B bass line and vocals London stylee... nice pace and cool arrangement make this a hit tune for sure. Next is "Gator", electro beep Sugarhill style starts us on this track. I dunno if I am totally into the snare, coz its a bit light, but the jazzy bass and keys pick the track up, one for earlier on in the night? Last track is LDN, which starts as a stripped 808 kick, vocal and snare track, but builds slowly with slap bass, before breaking into a string breakdown and building on that. Nice track, although I felt it could be a little more stripped soundingl.

Overall, this is by far the best example of this music to come out the UK so far, NSD show a mature approach to their production, with bags of soul and depth to round out the beats.

Curvepusher is on the cut, which is reasonably strong in the A side, but towards the end of the B side, one channel gets slightly weaker. This isn't a problem for spinning the tracks, but still could have been better. The pressing is quite a bit heavier than the light USA style cuts, so get your scratching muscles warmed up!



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