Deck Table

Homemade table for my decks, set up battle style. At the moment it's made from unfinished MDF. The top table unit has 2 2U spaces for studio or hi-fi gear, and lots of big holes drilled in it to make it very easy to hook up cables and lace them tidily. The top rests on 2 lots of my square record boxes, making the height to the top of the table 85cm, to the top of the decks 94cm, near the recommended regulation height for the DMC championship, and I reckon these guys know what's a good height to set up for!


I plan to make a centre unit sometime, maybe with a drawer for CD's in the bottom.

Holes underneath both decks and at the back of the mixer keep all the cables hidden and neat. Hole in the bottom allows cables to escape and unit to fit flush against the wall.

Holes are big enough to pass a UK plug through, extended hole in the back to get a hand inside for plugging up rack gear.

This is an earlier shot from the back before I put the holes in the top, bottom, and sides, and joined the two middle holes.

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